I'm not sure if the "about" section should be about the blog or about its author. Well, let's say that in this case it will deal with both.

My name's Wojtek and I live in Poland. A few years back I went to the Czech Republic and I fell for this country and its people immediately. Since that time I've been doing my best to get back there at least once a year. I've already been not only to Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Pardubice or České Budějovice, but also many smaller towns like Třebič, Český Krumlov, or Mělník. What's more, my fascination made me learn the Czech language and I enjoy doing it by watching films, reading magazines or just browsing the internet. The Czech Republic and its culture is my passion and that's why living in Prague in the future is definitely on my "to do" list.

What can you find on this blog? The list of items is quite long and actually there are no limits to it. Roughly, it includes: important and/or interesting news about the Czech Republic, humorous reports, photos I took myself and nice pictures I found on the internet, beautiful videos, captivating music and what not. What's important, I’d like you to feel free to make use of the "submit" button too! I hope you'll enjoy browsing this blog and will be returning here in the future.

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Žižkov / June 2011 / photo by me

Žižkov / June 2011 / photo by me

Titz, Bigas, Wanke… PraguePig.com compiled a list of 10 Czech surnames that sound a bit rude in English.

Full filmography of Helena Třeštíková, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker, is available online at DAFilms.cz. Free of any charge. Only till Sunday, though. I personally recommend Katka, the tragic story of a drug addict, René, an intimate portrait of man man living on the margin of society, and Private Universe presenting a Czech family over the course of 37 years.

Prague: Lights & Motion by Marek Kędzierski

Spring 2015. Blanka tunnel in Prague is finaly open. In the first hours of its operation, reports of numerous crashes and car accidents flood in. The situation escalates. Chaos breaks out. Thousands of people flee from the city. There is only one man who can protect the citizens of Prague from moving to Brno.

Czechs start qualifications with a win

The Czech Republic beat the Netherlands 2:1 in a Euro 2016 qualifier! The winning goal was scored by Václav Pilař in the injury time. You can see it here.